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Top Tips For Finding The Right Tenant

Landlords and tenants are mutually beneficial for each other. A good tenant will ensure a steady revenue for your property without extra expenses or uncertainty, and being a good landlord for a tenant will allow for peace of mind and ensure a long cooperative relationship.

With the average local house price topping £458,000, property management in Hornchurch is about a large initial investment that will reap its rewards over many years of living.

However, like all teams, it is important that the right landlord meets the right tenant, and here are some top tips for finding the right tenant.

Check Their Background

There are two main priorities for most landlords when letting out their property; will the tenant pay the rent on time and will they take care of the property.

The former can be ascertained through checking a tenant’s credit rating, which is based on how reliably they pay their bills, their income, and their history of borrowing money and paying rent.

The latter is achieved by checking the references for employees, landlords and other responsible persons to ensure they are a fit and proper person to let your property out to.

Always Meet The Tenant

Whilst there is a lot you can learn about a tenant over the phone or via email, you need to make sure you click with the tenant and you would be happy to get in touch with them and work with them in case of future negotiations and issues.

Trust Your Instinct

Your gut feeling is often a good barometer for many of the decisions we make in life, and if you feel like you are gravitating towards one tenant over another, they are the one to go for.

Ultimately, property is a personal business, and you want to have a good relationship with anything you work with. If you feel there would be a potential clash it may worth waiting for the right tenant to come along.

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