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The Renting Trends Predicted To Be Big In 2021

As well as the need for more space and a home office, 2021 will bring changes to the trends in renting, including Instagram worthy interiors and balcony gardens.

According to Landlord News, property management firm Quintain Living have analysed current and prospective renters’ opinions and desires when it comes to their homes and compiled a list of the predicted trends based on the findings.

More moves

There was a lull in people seeking out new homes in 2020 during the pandemic, but in 2021, experts are predicting that news of the vaccine will give renters the confidence to get looking once more and find a new place to call home.

More space

The pandemic has shaped many trends, and the lockdown has had many craving more space. Room for a home office is now a necessity for those who have been working remotely, as is finding an area with reliable superfast broadband.

Insta-worthy interiors

With holidays being off the cards, at least for the foreseeable future, people are wanting their home spaces to be social media friendly and will be looking for places with plenty of colour and interesting features.

The importance of neighbourhoods

The lockdown has made local communities much more important as we spend more time in and around our immediate neighbourhood. Amenities such as local parks and supermarkets will be important.

Exciting extras

Buildings with extras such as gyms, rooftop cinemas, and private green spaces will also be on the most wanted list for renters.

Pet-friendly properties

Many people adopted furry friends during 2020, which will impact the way we rent in the coming year. As well as pet-friendly properties, there will be a desire for homes with easy access to parks and trails for dog walks.

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