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Tips For Landlords To Prepare Buy To Lets For Summer

The summer months are almost here, and landlords will want to take advantage of the booming rentals market, as Landlord Today reports. In order to attract and retain the right kind of tenant, The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has issued some tips on making the most of your property.

Angela Davey of the ARLA ‘s Propertymark said: “Whether you’re a first-time landlord or have let out properties before, everyone should think about how to make the most out of their rental during the summer months. Taking a few simple steps and checking the essentials will help keep you free from any costly surprises and your tenants happy.”

1. Keep the garden/outdoor space tidy

A well-maintained garden is an attractive feature and shows that the property is well looked after. Clear away any winter debris, prune hedges and trees, mow the lawn and plant a few flowers. Leave the garden equipment in good order so the tenant is obliged to tend to the garden without excuse.

2. Clear out the gutters

Blocked gutters can lead to leaking roofs, water damage, and even flooding, so clear away leaves and other debris. Make sure the guttering is in good condition, with no gaps or cracks, and is firmly attached to the building. Also check the roof for missing or broken tiles and have any repair work carried out immediately.

3. Keep insurance up to date

Check your current insurance policy is up to date, and provides enough level of protection, particularly for weather damage in our increasingly unpredictable climate.

4. Decorate in neutrals

Everybody has different ideas about home décor, so don’t try to impose strong design and colour schemes on tenants. A neutral looking property with no personal touches will be easier for potential tenants to imagine themselves living in.

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